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German to English
Legal & Marketing Translator
specialised in Travel & Tourism

Providing legal and marketing translations and language services to clients based in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein & the UK


Helping you reach a new English-speaking audience

As a native English speaker and experienced legal and marketing translator, I work closely with my clients to transform their German texts into compelling English that will reach and attract a new English-speaking audience

Self portrait photo of Paige Baillie from Paige Rheannon translations in black and white with mountain backdrop.
Paige Baillie from Paige Rheannon Translations walking towards the peak of the Scottish Mountain Buachaille Etive Mor in the Scottish Highlands

Let's talk about it in English or German! 

I can help you translate your content from German to English. Pop me an email in either English or German to or fill out the form below.

1..2..3 Let's Translate! 

  1. Get in touch to discuss your translation needs, including your target audience, the tone and style you are after, the deadline and any other relevant information. This is completely confidential and free of charge with no obligation to commit.

  2. I will send you a tailored quote based on the points discussed in step 1. For more information on pricing, see here.  

  3. Once I receive your confirmation - the translation process will begin! 

The Translation Process

Each translation project is different, and depending on the type of document, the target market, subject area and deadline, the process will vary. Communication is key and projects can be tailored to your needs and budget. These are the 4 core elements included as standard for all translation projects:


I will work with you to understand your exact needs & research the subject area, the target market, competition and any other information that will help with the production of the translation.



Proofreading, editing and repeating until I am happy with the final text. I like to work closely with my clients at this stage to discuss any questions to ensure the highest quality of translation is produced in line with your needs.

Quality Assurance


I don't translate word-for-word, but instead apply a sense-for-sense approach to recreate your texts into natural & native English, whilst applying the knowledge gained from my research.



Once I have carried out the quality assurance process I will deliver the translation to you in the agreed format within the agreed deadline. I will ask you to check you are happy with everything and send you the final invoice.


Who do I translate for?


Most of my clients are in the travel & tourism industry and are based in the DACH region, but I have worked with clients in a wide range of industries and welcome projects from everyone. I work with both direct clients and agency clients.  I particularly love working with clients based in the alpine and forest areas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Liechtenstein, as I love nature and the mountains and exploring new places through translation. However, if you have something else that you think I'd be a good fit for, then I would love to hear from you! 

Some of the clients I work with are:

  • Accommodation providers

  • Tourist attractions

  • Travel magazines

  • National parks & alpine resorts

  • Travel writers and photographers

  • ...and many more!

Image taken by Paige Baillie of the Alps in Garmisch Partenkirchen in Bavaria, Germany, featuring a typical bavarian style building with a wintery, snowy topped mountain backdrop

German to English Tourism Translation


From the breathtaking peaks of the highest mountains in the Swiss Alps down to the cosy mountain villages nestled in the valleys of Austria - I help businesses in the travel and tourism industry introduce themselves to a new market by translating their content into English.

As a translator, hiker & travel-lover, my fascination for the mountains fuels my ability to write compelling translations and content for clients based in the forest and alpine regions, as well as national parks and other places of outstanding natural beauty in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

Some examples of the types of tourism translation I work on:

  • Website Translation: Do you want to make your website available in English to widen your audience, increase visits and boost your online presence? Then I can translate your German website content so that it welcomes an English-speaking audience in a natural, native and search engine optimised way. 

  • Brochures & Promotional Translation:  Are you only targeting German speakers with your content? If so, there are 3 times more English speakers than German speakers and a high percentage of tourists are either native English speakers or communicate in English when travelling. I can translate your brochures and promotional content into English to make sure you are maximising your businesses potential.

  • Blog Posts: Blog posts are a great way to boost your website's SEO if you are keeping it up to date, however only having it available in German might be having a negative effect on your reach. Translating it into English and keeping it up to date in English can give your website that much-needed boost!

  • Travel Writing & Articles: Maybe you have a company magazine in German, or you are an established travel writer who writes feature articles, well why not get yourself out there in English and expand your readership! I translate all types of articles from German into English. 

  • Service Listings: Do you list your service on websites such as or AirBnB? Then I can help optimise your listing in English to boost those bookings!

  • Product Listings: If you sell products online, for example on platforms such as Amazon or Ebay, I can translate and optimise these to ensure the products are being found by a wider audience.

  • And much more: Get in touch if you have something you want translated into English.

German to English Legal Translation


All types of businesses need to make sure they are legally compliant and ensure that their backs are covered, especially in the travel & tourism industry.  Make sure your terms and conditions, privacy policies, contractual agreements and any other legal documents relevant to the running of your business can be understood by those using your services, visiting your premises, or entering into any contracts with you. Translating your legal documents from German into English will make these documents more accessible and avoid any misunderstandings. 

Legal translation for travel & tourism

  • Data Protection Policies

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Employment Legal Documents

  • Insurance Policies

  • Compliance: Extended Producer Responsibility, Sale of Goods Abroad etc.

  • Legal Journal Entries


Work with a qualified & experienced legal English translator

  • Highly qualified with an LLB(Hons) Scots Law with German Degree from the University of Dundee and a Master’s Degree in Translation Studies.  I am equipped with the academic knowledge and training to apply my best possible work to the task at hand.

  • Native English speaker dedicated to helping clients make their legal documents more accessible. As a native english speaker and legal translator I can translate from German into plain English or legal English, depending on your requirements, ensuring that whoever is reading the document has the appropriate level of access to it.

  • Experienced German to English translator translating legal documents since 2018 with clients ranging from private clients to European Institutions.  Some projects include employment contracts, court judgements, divorce and marriage documents, land inheritance, terms and conditions, legislation and more. I am also dedicated to continual learning and development by keeping up to date with the ever-changing laws in both the UK and Germany.

  • Client orientated work ethic as I work closely with each of my clients to meet their individual translation requirements. I also take my clients' privacy very seriously. Please read my privacy policy for more information.

Paige Baillie from Paige Rheannon Translations standing in the lost valley of Glencoe in the Scottish highlands on a hiking trip with mist looming over the top

Proofreading, Editing & Content Writing in English

Whether you have already had a text translated into English, or written a text yourself either as a native or non-native English speaker, or are looking to produce natural sounding English texts, then I can help by offering proofreading, editing and content writing services.

Attention to detail, grammar, punctuation and language fluidity are key to maintaining your readers' attention. Let's work together to get your text sounding as natural and compelling as possible. 

Here are some examples of the types of texts I can proofread and edit:

  • Travel writing

  • Legal documents

  • CVs and cover letters

  • Press release and journalistic texts

  • Academic writing

  • Marketing copy and blog posts

  • Fiction or non-fiction literature

  • Website content (including SEO, Google Ads & HTML)

  • Website terms and conditions

  • And many more.


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